Joining ‘Mardu’ at the Fate Reforged Pre-Release

by Chad Michael Van Alstin

I decided to become a Planeswalker again this weekend and attended the Fate Reforged Pre-Release event at my local game shop. This was my first time doing any kind of sanctioned Magic: The Gathering tournament play since Theros – and honestly, since my friends and I are separated all over the globe, I haven’t played much Magic at all in the last two years. Luckily, you never forget how to summon Typhoid Rats (which, incidentally, have returned for this set along with other classic cards).

The one thing I did forget was how to properly make a deck. Part of the issue was that I did not read card lists or strategy articles prior to Fate Reforged coming out. Other than glancing at a few spoilers, I avoided information about this second set in the Khans of Tarkir block entirely. For me, part of the fun of Magic: The Gathering is going into sets blind and experiencing cards as I open them from booster packs. Continue reading


Conspiracy of “Conspiracy”

By: Alex Curren

As an avid (casual) Magic: the Gathering player I’m always excited to see new sets come out. I’m even more excited when that set offers me an opportunity to learn a new way to play (Planechase, EDH/Commander). But something doesn’t sit right with me when it comes to Magic’s newest multiplayer set, Conspiracy.

This is a set that takes from traditional multiplayer and brings it into more of a draft friendly format. It’s a format that praises it’s use in this style, but doesn’t offer up a whole lot outside of that particular style of play. Sure, some cards will shine in EDH/Commander simply because they are both multiplayer. But other cards are near duds when it comes to anything but a draft. This presents a problem in my opinion with what Wizards is trying to achieve with this set. It’s a complete dichotomy with one half the set dedicated to multiplayer cards that work well in that format, while the other half only work in a drafting setting. While truly, as we see with this set, neither is truly mutually exclusive, more of the difference comes with how boosters are filled in this set. Continue reading

Welcome to New Realms!

by: Chad Michael Van Alstin

New Realms Resize

New Realms began as a semi-regular podcast that covered topics such as Magic: The Gathering, the Pokemon Trading Card Game, Dungeons & Dragons, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings, Mage Knight, video games, and a whole lot more. Now we bring you the same great content in a delicious blog format.

The writers here are old friends who have been gaming together since Dungeons & Dragons Second Edition and Magic: The Gathering’s Fifth. We have fond memories of loading up in a parent’s car to attend big Mage Knight tournaments in faraway lands…long before the game lost its way and nearly bankrupted a company.

Continue reading